, Lea brassy & Vincent Colliard


17 Mar 2014

I love rainbows 🌈 πŸ˜ƒ We are getting ready to hit the road... Just in time, as the swell comes!!! πŸ„β›„οΈ@vincentcolliard @patagonia @dakine_europe

16 Mar 2014

Glad that guy rides side ways! Coming soon @vincentcolliard β˜ΊοΈπŸ„β›„οΈ

16 Mar 2014

The beach grew radish today in California, solving my never ending quest of salted butter in a foreign country! But what if seaweeds were our future source of protein? Just as it used to be in the old times. They grow well and fast, use no pesticides or chemicals, armless for ...

16 Mar 2014

Let's get everybody concerned about GMOs. Take 15' to learn more about It with this very well donne short video. Thanks Kyle @surfing4change for the great job. #StopPoisoningParadise @patagonia @dakine_europe @kellyslater

10 Mar 2014

I miss you already but this simple quote made me smile when I walked in the kitchen this morning, @captainlizclark so happy to finally meet you and share some fun with @surfchica6 @ledarling yesterday :) have fun in your trip... AlohaπŸŒˆπŸ’š #northshorefunhogs @patagonia @dak...

10 Mar 2014

Love u girlz πŸ˜πŸ”πŸ™@ledarling @captainlizclark @surfchica6 miss you @kimi_swimmy @leahloves @actionsportslaw #henhouse #seasisters

09 Mar 2014

An entire session with rainbows, sunshine and showers at sunset beach this morning made my day so much nicer! @patagonia @dakine_europe #northshorefunhogs

08 Mar 2014

Thanks to a great day out in the ocean. There is nothing like the feeling of being surfed out and surrounded by a couple of friends. Another day in inspiring, resourcing, graceful North shore. @patagonia @dakine_europe #northshorefunhogs

05 Mar 2014

Feel like a beer after a nice session at Waimea :) #northshorefunhogs @patagonia @dakine_europe

03 Mar 2014

My good budy photographer Laurent Masurel will forever be my mentor regarding shoes fashion. Hawaii, 25 celcius degrees.

02 Mar 2014

#danmalloy on a leash crash test duty for the up coming huge swell. @patagonia #northshorefunhogs

28 Feb 2014

Morning sessions at Rocky point are like nothing else when It comes to sunshine, clear water, turtles and good waves. Am so blessed to share them whith such a good crew of people. Surfing alone is great but surfing with friends is awesome. @patagonia @dakine_europe @ledarling ...

26 Feb 2014

Art time with Kimi is choice when wind is blowing strong on-shore! @kimi_swimmy #northshorefunhogs @patagonia

25 Feb 2014

Catch of the day at 65 feet deep about to be grilled and shared with friends at the house. Nai Nai and Uhu for diner :) @kimi_swimmy @patagoniaambassador #northshorefunhogs

22 Feb 2014

A Patagonia crew took over Alligators yesterday for a 2-hours super fun session. @patagoniaambassador #northshorefunhogs

22 Feb 2014

The other night, Kimi Werner brought over her knowledge and her talent to make us experience all local grown, hand by harvested Hawaiian meal. So we can appreciate what local and hand made truely means. There is nothing like local people to turn a vacation into a journey, and ...

20 Feb 2014

Shall my harms be big enough and my heart wise enough to embrace these moments of serenity and pass them on to friends, family or strangers to give them hope and peace. Shall we all have the chance to open our eyes to a rather peaceful angle and receive the Love that Nature wa...

18 Feb 2014

I've been house siting at Crystal Thornburg and Dave Homcy the past few days. Thanks for let me stay in your little paradise :)

16 Feb 2014

Have been surfing fun waves at Rocky's with my amazing girl friends the past few days. Such a great loving caring joyful awesome compagny. I love you all @ledarling @leahloves @surfchica6 you've the best hearts and energy. Let's have fun :)

14 Feb 2014

Kimi would rather scale the fish than pick up the greens in the garden. She would rather cook for you than be your host. Just as she would rather sit on the bottom of the Ocean than on her couch. She is different, that how we love her. @kimi_swimmy @patagonia