, Lea brassy & Vincent Colliard


      Léa Brassy, 30, surfer, diver, adventurer, sailor.

    Vincent Colliard, 30, polar explorer, surfer, sailor.

Léa brassy

Vincent Colliard

Powered by her passion for surfing ever since she was a teenager, Léa is an enthusiastic Nature lover. This early bird took off in her Grand-Pa’s old van to discover the world around her. She accomplishes herself adventuring in search of uncrowded point breaks, preserved wildlife and authentic encounters. Dedicated to a singular lifestyle, this water woman believes in Love and Simplicity. She is a surf ambassador for Patagonia and a qualified nurse.  Passion driven and determined, Vincent is a talented all-rounder adventurer. He grew up surfing and boxing before his commitment for polar expeditions took over. On Borge Ousland and Mike Horn’s footsteps, he would build his life of adventures. So he does now, after several trips in Himalaya, Patagonia or Alaska, he is training himself as a polar guide and leads the IceLegacy project along with his mentor Borge Ousland. 

Simple voyage is the meeting of a man and a woman, two very different characters dedicated to the same quest of living magic moments.

And because “happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it”, Léa and Vincent bring their skills together for another adventure called Love. 

Léa and Vincent, when they are not on expedition, live on their 31 feet sailboat in French Polynesia.